We Plan & Design Events
That Capture the Imagination

Events EnKapsulated began from my experience planning a personal event. I had a very specific vision and didn’t wish to hire an event planner, so I decided to do the whole fuss myself. I visited different vendors and spent hundreds of dollars in all sorts of places gathering the things I needed. In the end I realized the hassle that everyone has to face when they want to create a memorable event without relying on event planners. Thus, Events EnKapsulated was born. You just share your vision for your event with us, and we will supply you with the elements to make your event unforgettable.

Luxury You Can Afford

Our lives are a tapestry that is woven with our most memorable experiences. Memories are often shaped by a unique event experience. An elegant, luxurious, well-organized event can be difficult to assemble and quite expensive. Events EnKapsulated is here to provide your desired level of luxury in a simple, hassle-free, yet highly affordable package.

Alison & Mark Priston

The event was truly fantastic. Thank you for making our dream come true!

Alison & Mark Priston, NYC
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

We were extremely excited, but everything was even more that we hoped for!

Kelly & Brandon Walsh, CA
Melissa & Ryan Smith

The ceremony was amazing! We are grateful for the creative caring approach.

Melissa & Ryan Smith, TX