At Events EnKapsulated, we offer a wide range of services. You can select what best suits your guests, your budget, your event, and most of all, you!
You can select our Standard, Elite, Platinum or CustomExperience packages (kapsules).
We are offering our clients some of the best designers and products. Our services will reduce your stress but will make your event unforgettable and will surely leave an impact on the guests.

Standard Kapsule

The Standard package is ideal for the classy social event seeking simplicity. Our Standard Kapsule is perfect for accommodating fewer than 100 guests. The Standard Kapsule is our most cost-efficient option. This package is highly recommended for events that are planned with a tight budget.

from $1.00

Elite Kapsule

In our Elite Kapsule, we offer more versatility. With a wider range of color options for linens and chair covers, this kapsule offers more flexibility while maintaining cost control. This package also includes a select variety of charger plates to add a touch of elegance to your event.

from $1.00

Platinum Kapsule

In the Platinum Kapsule, creating an upscale event experience is made easy. A large selection of fabric textures and colors for linen and chair covers (including sequined and beaded options) is available. In this kapsule you can choose from a wide variety of charger plates as well. Our selection of quality flatware is also included to add a signature elite standard to your event.

from $1.00

Custom Kapsule

For our clients who are expecting more than 200 guests we are offering our Custom Experience Kapsule. In this kapsule options are limitless. The Custom Experience allows the versatility to fully customize your event. Clients can personalize their event by working directly with our team of experts to showcase originality. The Custom Experience Kapsule is where your creative vision defines luxury.
*Standard, Elite and Platinum Kapsules are designed for events in which less than 200 guests are expected. If the guest list exceeds 200 guests, clients must select our Custom Experience Kapsule services.

from $1.00